Sweet Valentine WPC: Sweet

Valentine's day was almost over. And just like the sun was slowly fading away behind the hills; so did her hopes that maybe he would come over for Valentine's?  They had been growing up together and for a while already everybody knew that she was special to him. It was dark already. But then he … Continue reading Sweet Valentine WPC: Sweet



via Daily Prompt: Suspicious He was getting suspicious when he went to pick her up; He was supposed to take her to the airport- But no sign of her. Her car was gone.   They were getting suspicious when she didn't arrive; With the flight she was supposed to be on. No answers to calls. … Continue reading Suspicious

Tour Guide – BELIZE: The Jewel of Centralamerica

via Photo Challenge: Tour Guide I'm very fortunate to live in a place that is surrounded by breathtaking nature. I keep taking new pictures every day - still dreaming about the professional camera I'm going to get myself some day to take better ones. Following is just a small selection of some recent shots: What … Continue reading Tour Guide – BELIZE: The Jewel of Centralamerica