About Me

Hello, I’m Becca..born and raised in Germany (most of the time in beautiful Blackforest) ; I moved to the small and wonderful country of  Belize in 2004 and have been living an adventurous life here since.

Currently I’m farming on an off-grid homestead, surrounded by jungle.If I’m not busy with house or farm work, you will probably find me:

  • taking care of a baby calf, my cows or the other animals
  • planting more fruit trees or ornamental plants
  •  on a hike through the jungle, dipping in one of the jungle rivers
  • or exploring a new spot that I’ve not been to before! FB_IMG_15166300700257539-1

You might still notice a German accent in my writings 😉FB_IMG_15165581619543659

Got questions or feedback? Shoot me a message, and thanks for reading!



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