Tricked again

He gently whispered in her ear: “Today will be different. I promise. I know that I have been rough on you especially the last weeks. Often just thwarted your plans. I’m sorry. But today, I’ll let you be in peace. Just do what you had planned. I won’t say anything. Enjoy that day. Have fun.”

That sounded like music to her ears. She ignored the little voice of doubt: “How can you trust him?He has lied to you so often already” She got herself dressed up nice, chose matching earrings and a necklace.. “Finally I can go out again and enjoy myself.” The neighbors offered a ride in the back of a pick-up truck.Quite common transportation in Centralamerica.

She felt so free finally walking over the busy and colorful marketplace again. Here and there she ran into friends. There was hugs and laughter and little chats.. she so needed that after being locked up in the house for so long. And she was surprised that he treated her so friendly today.20180203_104742

But then it happened. On the way home, as she was sitting in the open bed of the pick- up truck again. Suddenly, without a warning he started to beat on her merciless. He wouldn’t stop for almost half an hour. People that were standing by the roadside just looked puzzled. Why would she sit there and just let it happen?

When they reached the yard where she lives, she took a quick jump from the car.. ran towards the house as fast as she could .. to get out of her wet clothes and put some dry ones on … because that half an hour of RAIN had her drenched to the boneπŸ˜…

If you think only sunshine brings happiness, then you haven’t danced in the rain. (Author unkown)20180202_093144




27 thoughts on “Tricked again

    1. True story though.. written during the last heavy rainy season.πŸ˜‘(I can still feel those rains beating on me πŸ˜‰πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§) I just use it again for the daily prompt today 😁

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    1. Thank you ☺I’m having a very wonderful life now though .. and the being locked up in the house was refering to the heavy rains in that case .. just want to clarify πŸ˜‰but at the same time I probably tell more about myself than I realize ☺


  1. Haha, awesome twist on a tale. You had me terribly worried for a moment and frowning into my laptop! Glad all is okay. Rain can be liberating and terrible simultaneously. Oddly, some of the best of memories can be made on the rainiest of days!

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    1. So true.. while my parents in law visited and we were trapped by the rain in the house almost all the time ..we ended up crocheting a beautiful rug together 😍

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