I’d rather be… WPC

This week’s picture challenge touched a still sore point : Where would I rather be? We actually had planned a trip to one of the islands for my birthday. A few days of total relaxation, far from every day life, the usual homestead chores and from kid’s noise.

But then life happened. It started with a filling that broke out of my tooth .. and when I went to the dentist with the intention to just quickly get it filled again he said it’s hopeless to put another filling in. I ended up getting a crown.. and he also discovered that another tooth is a candidate for root canal in the near future..

I tried to be brave and said we’ll skip the island trip. No, I didn’t say skip; I wouldn’t give up on it- but we postponed.It would have been quite some expenses for traveling and also the house- and farmsitter, which I needed now to pay the dentist billsπŸ˜‰

So, here I am at home on our homestead, planning a barbecue, my closest friends and family are invited and I’m sure it is going to be awesome..even though I’d rather be on an island.

I’d rather be in a boat right now, heading towards an island, crossing the ocean, water splashing …and trust me: I soon will πŸ˜‰


Photos are taken at my friend’s private island resort: Private Heaven


20 thoughts on “I’d rather be… WPC

    1. On Sunday .. we would have gone today or tomorrow though..but all is good ☺I’ll have friends to stay here for the whole weekend now and it’s gonna be awesome πŸ’œ


  1. Ahh dental fees are a real pain! I had to have an extraction a few years ago and it was so bad 😦 It cost so much. But you’ll get to that lovely place soon enough!

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