Favorite Place WPC

It’s just a couple minutes walk from my house- yet this place feels like a whole other world. Hidden behind tall ornamental plants, palm trees and other jungle plants you will find this:Screenshot_2018-03-21-12-15-39-1

My favorite place.Β 

Where it might get a little crowded on weekends, you often have the whole place to yourself during the week. The fact that it is surrounded with all these plants, makes the natural pool invisible from the little road ..that passes right beside it.

Just recently this place opened for the public and has several adventures to offer beside swimming in the natural pool. There’s a zipline that gives you the feeling you’re flying through the jungle canopy. You can come with your own tent and camp ..surrounded by jungle and close to the water. Or you can make it a perfect family day and bring food and have a barbecue. There’s grills that you’re free to use once you paid your entrance fee.

It used to be my secret favorite place.. now, since it’s open for the public I shared it already with several friends. Just spent my birthday there and couldn’t have had a better time.



29 thoughts on “Favorite Place WPC

    1. Thank you so much πŸ˜‡and I’m positive it will stay lovely. The owner is very concerned about preserving nature and has workers that always keep it neat and clean. Also since it’s right at my doorstep it’s suddenly much more appealing for some of my city friends to make a trip out to the jungle πŸ˜‰

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    1. Yea that would be great☺put up our tents at the camping grounds and throw a big pool party. I’ll bring homemade wine and mojitos πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ·πŸΉπŸ˜‚


    1. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes☺and thankfully I have a couple of those places on our property πŸ˜‡(none so gorgeous as my favorite place though) but good for recharging if the other place should be too crowded.

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