Rise/Set WPC

Getting up every morning just before sunrise – I do enjoy those mornings where I get to take a few minutes to sit by the open door, just gazing at the sky while I’m sipping at my morning coffee. It fills me with plans, ideas and energy for the freshly started day.

The last morning of 2017 started with this breathtaking one!FB_IMG_15222629252180648

Likewise you will often find me at that  same spot again in the evening .. this time looking to the west when the sun is setting, and pondering about the day that just passed, what I accomplished or what I still plan for the next day.

some random rise and set pictures:


13 thoughts on “Rise/Set WPC

  1. I have the same thoughts regarding sunrises and sunsets. But I don’t see sunrises often due to not being a morning person, and I don’t see many sunsets because I live in a city jungle, so the buildings obscure it. But I do treasure them both when on vacation.

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