Out of My world… WPC

20180228_182027via Photo Challenge: Out of This World  

What I really like about the weekly photo challenge: it is always something that everyone can relate to. No matter if you live in the city, at the beach or like myself: rural .. in the hills..

And yes,another cow picture. That is all I could come up with when asked to share a picture of a familiar scene.. But making it look almost alien…

It’s my every evening’s scene! In the dim light of the disappearing sun, I feed and caress my cows and talk to them. They look totally different in broad daylight 😉When we decided to move to this homestead it was stepping into uncertainty. There was no fences, and not enough pasture for our whole herd. We had to part with most of our cows- and restart. It was then that  I discovered my passion for Jersey cows and starting to pursue the dream of building up my own Jersey herd.

Now that we also lived far from other dairy farmers (No more bulls for our cows) we had to come up with other solutions. Luckily we found two great AI -technicians that come out all the way into the jungle wilderness to help us build our Jersey herd.

This is why the silhouettes of my cows against the evening sky are a very familiar scene. First thing in the morning I check on all of them.. last thing in the evening: I tell them good night. They are my world!

Thanks for reading ❤

-from My Lofty HillIMG-20180301-WA0004


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