A Face in the Crowd WPC

This is the kind of crowd I get to see on a regular basis:  Market days! Rushing through narrow aisles, I always have this imaginary list in the back of my head that I’m looking for. Determined to find those items; looking almost or exactly how I had pictured them in my mind- I assay prices,variety and quality. Gazing rather at the booths than at people; I keep rushing through the crowds. Here and there I’ll recognize familiar faces,there will be  a smile or waving and sometimes even a quick chat. IMG_20180222_130003_966

The majority of people I pass I don’t know though. And that is the reason why I will be shy to take portraits. I do like to capture the variety of fruits and vegetables though and just the whole atmosphere. So I will stand back a little and take random pictures from a distance with totally random people.I’ll have no memories about crossing paths with them. Did they look happy, sad, suffering, joyful? I can’t even tell. You pass so many people but when you leave you do just remember the few familiar looking ones.. the others will forever be: just a face in a crowd. And then it dawns on me that I too will be the same for them. Just another face – in the crowd.


18 thoughts on “A Face in the Crowd WPC

  1. That is so completely true. And something that I am so apt to forget when I worry about people judging me if I go to the shops in a less than pristine ensemble (i.e. it has been toddlered and I don’t have time to change 😉 ). Great thoughtful post thanks!

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    1. I’m exactly the same ..always worrying; and even if I get to change before; might get toddlered(had to steal this word 😉) on the way .. but what does it really matter?


    2. Haha, I know ☺I feel like that just for the fact that I’m coming out of the bush all the way to town😉 in Creole they call it “back-a-bush” where/ how I live 😂


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