Miracle Baby

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Let me present the newest addition to our homestead: meet adorable little Daisy!

She’s also one of the many reasons why I don’t get to write as much as I would like to 😉

It feels like a real miracle 💜this time… because…:

Dry season had been going for a while and one afternoon end of May I noticed that Tina, my Jersey cow wasn’t quite herself. She kept laying in the shade, with runny eyes and nose, drooling and saliva dropping out of her mouth. First I thought it’s maybe just the weather.. since it was a very hot and humid day. But then I also noticed her heavy breathing and panting, her loss of appetite and that she didn’t chew her cud.

Just a couple weeks before we have had the AI technician out and our hopes up for a purebred Jersey calf from her.. Very concerned we called the most recommended vet. He has a good reputation – but that’s the reason everybody calls and wants him. He said he wouldn’t be able to come until two days later! Surely I didn’t want to wait that long! So we tried the next from the phone list. He came right away. After examining the cow his face went sober when he broke the news that he only gives her a 50 percent chance of making it through and that he’s also pretty sure she’ll abort the calf as side effect to the medication.

I was devastated! And it almost broke my heart. My favorite cow – always so tame and gentle – now looking at me sad and suffering. Worst of all the thread of loosing her.

We did consult another vet. He was pretty sure her symptoms were most likely caused by either eating something moldy or poisonus weeds. With plenty of water and shade, antibiotics, Vitamin complex and minerals she soon recovered and was back to get normal self in no time. And with time going on we joyfully noticed her growing belly. Yes, no doubt! We were still going to have our little calf ☺

The day before her due date I noticed that Tina was walking around restless. “She’s going to have it today.. I’d better watch her good ” She was grazing at the hill side, then up the hill.Higher and higher. “That’s not very smart.” I thought. We were having these heavy rain showers all the last weeks. Sheltering roof at the stable would be a much better option to let her calve; besides you never know what might go wrong and in case you would have to call the vet- you certainly don’t want him to climb the hills!

So I went after her. Trying to coax her back to the stable. She stood strong like a base. Shaking her head like No No, I usually listen to you- but not today. Desperately I pulled at the rope that I brought to lead her. I got her to follow me! Closer and closer to the stable – almost there! Then one strong jerk of her I wasn’t prepared for and let go of the rope. You wouldn’t blame me if you saw how the ropes that I didn’t let go off working cattle before had burnt and cut my hands. She of course galloped back up the hill- much faster than I could ever follow. Another heavy rain shower interfered and when I finally caught up with her it looked like the calf was about to come. Anyway she was determined to stay there and I didn’t want to stress her out. So I just let her be where she had decided to have her calf. And this is how Daisy was born on the Lofty Hill.

Of course we couldn’t leave her up there exposed to the elements of nature. Carefully we carried baby Daisy home and the Mom just followed. And we’re so happy they’re both doing great, looking forward to more cheese and butter and joghurt and ice-cream! 🍧🍦💜

19 thoughts on “Miracle Baby

    1. Me too 😇 I remember how crushed I was that day when the vet told me she’ll probably loose the calf (and he was also giving a 50 percent chance of loosing the mother cow as well) so happy they are both doing great now ☺


    1. Thank you ☺and I’m sure she does. A few days old and so strong and stubborn, trying to get her way (just like Mom😉) and so full of self-confidence; yet cuddly and cute😍

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    1. They were too sick to be looked after at the dairy.
      So Mr. Farmer gave them to me to look after, so it’s a happy story. Especially for Dazza the bull. He would’ve been sent to the the knackery, being a heffer at a dairy.

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    1. Thank you for reading. ☺yes, the worries you sometimes have with livestock😉when they’re sick I worry at least as much as about my kids.. maybe even more because they can’t talk and I have to figure it all out by myself what is wrong.

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  1. Upon reading this Becca, I came to realize that the baby you were taking about was your miracle calf. What a motherly instinct you have! And it’s great that you are able to extend it to your farm animals. I grew up on a farm and I know how it feels when you get close to them and treat them as family. 😘

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    1. Oh yea, my animals are extended family. If one of them is sick … I suffer too.. and to the motherly instinct! You’re a great mother already.. dedicating your blog to your baby. Such motherly love! All the best wishes to your family!! 👪💓❤😇


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