Sweet Valentine WPC: Sweet

Valentine’s day was almost over. And just like the sun was slowly fading away behind the hills; so did her hopes that maybe he would come over for Valentine’s?  They had been growing up together and for a while already everybody knew that she was special to him.

It was dark already. But then he did come! And with him a huge and gorgeous, cuddly soft teddy bear holding a heart of red roses. ” I know I’m kind of late” he said smiling at her like always, “but I had a busy day and just couldn’t make it sooner. Thought I give you something that would keep you company while I’m not around.. haha.”

Later, when she went to her room, she squeezed the teddy bear Good-night. There was yet another surprise!: the teddy bear started playing a sweet, lovely tune! 🎼🎶🎵💝

~young love is the sweetest thing ever~IMG-20180215-WA0000


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