Tour Guide – BELIZE: The Jewel of Centralamerica

via Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

I’m very fortunate to live in a place that is surrounded by breathtaking nature. I keep taking new pictures every day – still dreaming about the professional camera I’m going to get myself some day to take better ones. Following is just a small selection of some recent shots:

What a symphony of colors! Changing every minute. A trivial thing as just looking at the sky never gets boring.

Next I’m going to take you to all the water around me:

All of these places are so inviting to take a quick dip to cool off on hot days .. or hang around a little longer, having a picnic, or just sitting by the water to dream. Nature’s beauty around me feels like one big dream I never wake up from.

Thank you for stopping by! 💜hope you enjoyed the little tour and come back for another one anytime 😉


16 thoughts on “Tour Guide – BELIZE: The Jewel of Centralamerica

  1. I liked how you started my vision looking up to the colorful skies then bringing my vision down to Earth to your country’s beautiful waters. Very captivating! Maybe one day I’ll be able to look at those skies and dip my feet in those waters. Thank you for sharing

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