An excited glow was in his eyes

As he opened his hand and said: “Surprise!

Look what I found when I did my chore,

And I’m pretty sure, that there will be more!”


She heard already that cheeping sound:

“Be careful! And don’t drop them to the ground!”

Then she went with him to look for more:

There were eight perfect puffballs to adore!


Eight little chicks look like yellow beads

Around their mother who tends to their needs.

She will be giving a signal sound,

If there’s danger or when there’s food she found.IMG_20180208_161020_309

12 thoughts on “Surprise

    1. Every new baby animal causes big excitement around here☺They usually get named with an adjective, once they develop a little more. Like: “the extra cute one” or “the light-brown” and usually everybody knows which one the other is talking about. This time there’s already one named : the only chick of the naked-neck breed!
      Already has a naked-neck and of course got named: the naked-neck 😅


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