Protect My Creatures

via Daily Prompt: Creature

I live in the jungle

Out in nature

Gentle breeze caressing my hair

Positive vibes are everywhere.


There is no street noise here

Birds are singing

Gurgling creek murmurs in my ear:

Protect my creatures, keep me clear.Screenshot_2018-02-04-08-47-32-1

20 thoughts on “Protect My Creatures

    1. Thank you ☺that’s what my blog will be about: a more quiet and simple lifestyle. Thanks for the follow and I’m also looking forward for more of your interesting posts😇

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    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! And yes, I meant to make two stanzas..each with four lines☺
      I’ll never find suitable words to express all the songs and poems that nature sings, shouts and whispers in my ears 😇

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