Why Me?

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize

Sometimes she would ask herself

Why exactly me?

All the heartache, loss and pain.

I don’t get the sense.


Then a small voice answers her:

Yes, exactly you!

‘Twas that you can sympathize,

How the others feel.Screenshot_2018-02-03-07-39-52-1

25 thoughts on “Why Me?

    1. It’s easy. You have to follow Daily Post. You will then see the daily prompts that might inspire you to post. Hope this helps if not email me for more info and links. I learnt this in the free blogging course I took. Highly recommend it!

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    2. You could send it to me 😉but it wouldn’t help to show in daily prompt. Just publish your story. Go on my poem and copy the link from the blue (or whatever😉) word symphatize. Then go to your word symphatize hold on it until it gets blue and paste that link on it. Should work like that. I apologize if I don’t respond quickly from now.. as I trust ‘him’ again and I’m going for another adventure.

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    3. I’m so happy to hear that I could help someone 😊I remember how I tried like ten times to do it and ended up googling how to do it until I finally got it 👍

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    4. Ok partner, I checked but can’t find yours in the comments of daily prompt yet. Your story needs to have the word sympathize some where and then paste the link to the prompt with that word. Your start is already great 👏


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