Beloved- Mi Corazón


Photo Challenge: Beloved

A Poem for the most special calf I ever met- born with a perfect heart shape on her head!❤

‘Twas that white spot on your head

That caught my eye first.

Cuddled up between two shrubs

High up on the hill.


Had to scold your Mom, you know

For hiding you up there.

Couldn’t be upset for long.

Was too proud of her!😉


When I realized that ‘spot’

Wasn’t just a spot,

But a perfectly shaped heart!❤

You look so unique!


Corazón would fit you best;

Named after the heart.

Most beloved animal

That we ever had!Screenshot_2018-01-31-13-09-35-1


21 thoughts on “Beloved- Mi Corazón

    1. I just realized my nomination.. I feel like getting honored more than I deserve!.. still new at blogging so it will take me a little bit to figure it all out 🙂 Thank you so much! This means a lot to me😇

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    2. Thank you. These words of encouragement will fuel me for quite some time 😇I did try to write you when I felt all overwhelmed .. But you can just ignore that now since I think I figured it all out. Maybe you might want to take a look and give me some feedback if I did it correct. I would appreciate that.

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