Why am I Doing this?

Why did I start this blog? Why didn’t I just buy myself a new diary and sit down to write for myself? When reading through other blogs I often feel so insignificant; like how will I ever be able to write sophisticated like them? It’s true -maybe I never will. And I don’t have to because there will be people liking my blog exactly how it is. And: it gets better. Those three words I got from a fellow, experienced blogger. Those three words gave me all the encouragement I needed.

I want to write about knowledge I’ve gained through the lifestyle I’m living now. Even if you don’t live an off-grid, selfsustainable lifestyle, you might find inspirations, recipes or ideas you could apply to your life in my blog.

I’m trying to reach people that are interested in a more self-sustainable lifestyle; living in harmony with nature and grow their own food,  produce their own electricity and even if they don’t (yet?) : People that are aware of today’s wasteful society. You might want to call me a dropout because I’ve always felt different. Couldn’t stand to watch how perfectly good things land in the trash. Be it food, furniture or clothes (just because they’re out of style).

Once I was skimming through a catalogue, looking for a new wrist watch. I felt slain by the huge variety and so it was the outstanding one that caught my attention: The self-winding one! YAY! No batteries that will be empty in a while. Batteries. Whereever I can I replace with rechargeable ones. I’ve always had this almost guilty feeling for the trash I produced and now my selfsustainable lifestyle has made me even more aware of it.

So this is just a short characterization of myself. . Now living surrounded by jungle in Centralamerica. (Originally from Germany though)

After quite an odyssey through different countries I’ve finally settled on our homestead and never felt so at home and at peace before. Watching your own fruit trees grow and then bear fruit gives you a totally new perspective of food. It gets so much more valuable than just running to the supermarket and buy what you want. And how cool is it to sit in the shade of your own tree and sip on some refreshing juice or homemade wine of the very tree you sit under? Gives you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that many people just keep longing for – without even realizing.

It’s also a lot of hard work – and challenge : out at the highway you have to choose the rough road. The road that scares a lot of people off to ever even find these hidden places. Riding over hodge and didge, around potholes you might start to wonder where this will lead you. No signs or street names. You go by landmarks like bridges, curves or big rocks.

When you reach you will be overwhelmed by the richness of fauna and flora. You are far now from the next town, hospital, police station, all the things that make you feel safe and comfortable. You can only experience either one at the same time, right?

Far from everyday’s hectic and stress this place seems almost unreal. So quiet and peaceful. What you see is just soothing  for your eyes. Your mind switches into relax mode. This is my piece of paradise.IMG_20180117_210906_027

13 thoughts on “Why am I Doing this?

  1. Great post! Though we didn’t move to a remote location, we left busy city life a year and a half ago and moved 1300 km back home to our roots to a small house in a small town, that has enough land for us to start our self-sufficiency journey on.
    – Christine

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    1. Thanks for the feedback ☺the fact of living more self-sufficient is a lifestyle choice. Always happy to meet like-minded people , no matter where they’re located.

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  2. what a great way to look at life/living. In a world so increasingly becoming materialistic, it’s refreshing to see someone like yourself. I live in a mini city now. We moved from Sydney to Adelaide even with a massive pay cut for a genuine sea change. I don’t anything as amazing as you in terms of being self reliant. however, between myself, my mum and a bunch of friends, we tend to grow most things and exchange it. I hate waste. So yes, recycle anything everything I can. But don’t worry about your writing not being good enough or such similar self doubt. It’s good, and its your point of view.

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    1. Aww thank you so much for stopping by and reading and for your kind words❤. That means so much! Too bad we don’t live closer together as I’m also a big fan of barter and trade. I’ve founded a group on facebook for Plants Exchange and do a lot of trade with seeds and plants. And so happy to hear I found someone like-minded. Yesterday was another rainy day that forced us to stay indoors. We used it to cut up old, out- grown or just worn out clothes into stripes and crocheted a nice big colorful rug. I can’t even throw away old clothes 😂


    1. Aww thank you for always making me feel so special. Having blogging friends like you help me to feel more secure ☺and therefore don’t be surprised when I keep sharing my awards with you because you deserve them all! Also when I read your posts I still wish I could write like you though 😉😅


    2. I’m really glad you feel more secure. I don’t think I deserve anything, but I am still thrilled all the same, and am very pleased to have made a new friend 🙂 . I certainly don’t have many real adventures these days to put into writing. Your English is amazing and you aren’t even a native speaker! I can only say hello, please and thank you in German, and less in Spanish!

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    3. Somehow I got the impression that you too aren’t a native English speaker. Maybe my problem sometimes is comparing myself too much with native English writers. After all I’m not writing in my native tongue 😉


    4. I’m not 100% English in terms of ethnicity, but I am a completely native English speaker. You really oughtn’t ever to compare yourself to native English writers, it wouldn’t be at all fair to you – but your English is faultless in any case. I wouldn’t have known that you are German had you not told us on your blog!

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