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As little girl I already enjoyed our visits to the nearest farm to purchase our weekly milk supply. It was always a welcomed highlight in the uneventfulness of everyday life. There was newborn kittens to admire, cute calves to adore and dogs to make friends with. I even bought snacks for them to make sure they remember me. Driving into the lane the next time and being greeted with wagging tails felt so rewarding. Today those moments are some of the most valuable childhood memories.

Every time we expect a visit from city folks now I’m nervous about how to Entertain those kids out here on our off- grid jungle farm. And every time it turns out there’s nothing to worry about. In no time kids entertain themselves. There’s the cat to pet, the calf to feed, berries or other fruits to pick, hills to climb. A big yard to run and shout and just be free. Sugarcane, freshly chopped into juicy sticks is more appreciated than a bag of candies. Comes the time to go home ; nobody is ready to leave. Maybe in this modern age with all the technology a farm visit is an even bigger highlight than it was back then in my childood days.Screenshot_2018-01-20-20-32-22FB_IMG_15159495038016059Entertain

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