My very first blog post.. ever



What makes a young, newly wed-couple from Europe pack up their bags,sell their belongings, leave their home country and start a new life on an off-grid jungle farm in Centralamerica ?

On a walk through crispy cold winter air he asked that question: Would you be ready to just go to a far away country, maybe somewhere in the tropics? To live in a tent, have a few chickens and grow your own food?And by that tone in his voice and the look in his face I knew he wasn’t joking. Struggling myself with hurt and pain I was more than ready to go far away from everything. There was nothing to loose. And even though reality turned out to be quite different; it was that dream that led us to where and what we are now.

Surrounded by nature, amazing sunrises and sunsets, loving my animals, planting flowers and trees and watch everything bloom and fruit made me feel alive again. Very alive.

You should write a book about it; they say.. I’ll do this blog for a start.


7 thoughts on “My very first blog post.. ever

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I feel like I should have started this sooner for all the adventures experienced before I started to blog. But better now than never 😉

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